Visitors To Canada Medical Insurance including Pacific Care Givers

Visitors to Canada either on vacation in Canada or those people awaiting approval of their BC medical can apply for coverage.  If you would like a quotation for coverage while you are in Canada or are new to Canada awaiting BC medical coverage. Email for a quotation to

Travel Delays?

Traveling This Spring? If Your Trip is Delayed Remember to Extend Your Travel Insurance.  Traveling outside the province or outside the Country ensure that your Travel insurance is extended if your trip is extended.

Out of Province Medical Insurance

A few years ago when I was vacationing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I accidently fell down the steps of my travel trailer and broke my arm. Unfortunately, the break required an operation and in that one event I discovered how important it is to have Out of Province Medical Insurance. The care for the broken arm cost US$11,412 and my BC Medical Plan reimbursed me for only C$636.