Protecting Your Family’s Future

Parksville Life Benefits Ltd’s mission statement is to enhance our clients’ well-being with Life, Health and Wealth benefits. What does this mean?  Well, we help you decide what products can best protect you and your family’s future. Only you know what it would mean to your family if you were to lose your income or die prematurely. Many people ask me “When is the best time to buy insurance?” – I say, “When you are healthy!” My suggestion is to buy life (or mortgage) insurance when you are healthy and

Is It Always Necessary To Probate a Will?

The short answer is no! It is not necessary to transfer jointly owned real property, jointly owned bank accounts, insurance or pension plan proceeds payable to a named beneficiary, registered government securities or Canada Pension  Plan survivor benefits. Nor is it necessary for estates of small value.  The following outlines more specifically when probate is necessary:
1. Where there is no will - the entire estate willbe subject to probate fees.

The plan designed with no medical requirement for age 45 to 75

Final Expense Insurance is available if you are between age 45 and 75 and are:

  • concerned about having a medical
  • Wish to leave a small legacy to your church, grandchildren or other worthy cause.
  • Wish to ensure there are no unpaid bills left for your loved ones.
  • Want to pay for probate fees, legal fees or executor's fees which arise on your dealth.

You can select the level of coverage from $5,000 to $25,000 with the premiums guaranteed level for 20 years only, paid to your named beneficiary. 

Spring Cleaning - It doesn't hurt to ask

Spring is a time of renewal.  We plant the garden; spring clean the house and the yard.  It’s also time to review our financial records and make sure our family is protected in the best possible way.