Spring Cleaning - It doesn't hurt to ask

Spring is a time of renewal.  We plant the garden; spring clean the house and the yard.  It’s also time to review our financial records and make sure our family is protected in the best possible way. 

Have You Got Your Safety Net In Place?

We live in the best place on earth and enjoy a wonderful lifestyle.  Don't you agree?  Craig thought so too.  He and his wife had a nice home, they were young and healthy, and, were the proud parents of a new baby boy.   It couldn’t get any better.  In fact, he and his wife had agreed that she would stay at home to raise their child as this was the most important thing that they could do for the family.  Craig would be the breadwinner, and with the start up of his new painting business everything was going to be smooth sailing.  Or was it? 

Mortgage Insurance

Which would you prefer?  Your private insurance or a financial institution?