British Columbia Provincial Health Insurance Plan Fact Sheet

Prescription Drugs - Coverage through the Fair Pharmacare program for eligible prescription drugs listed on the BC drug formulary.  Residents pay a deductible based on family income.
Ambulance: Ambulance fees are not covered by the Medical Services Plan of B.C. However, they are covered by other third parties such as Workers Compensation and ICBC. Residents are required to pay an $80 flat fee for either ground or air transport.  Residents on premium assistance are not required to pay.

2010 Tax Changes for Cosmetic Procedures No Longer Considered Tax-Exempt

In the federal budget announced on March 4, 2010 expenses incurred for purely cosmetic procedures will no longer be eligible under the Medical Expense Tax Credit. 

Prescriptions Costs

Have you ever wondered why prescriptions are cheaper at some pharmacies than others? Here’s a list of dispensing fees that various pharmacies charge: