Prescriptions Costs

Have you ever wondered why prescriptions are cheaper at some pharmacies than others? Here’s a list of dispensing fees that various pharmacies charge: 

Canada Safeway               $9.09
Costco                               $4.45
London Drugs                   $8.61
Save on Foot & Drug        $8.55
Walmat                              $7.98
Shopper’s Drug Mart        $10.44
**information provided by Great West LIfe Insurance Company 2009
Did you know that prescription costs are the largest area of use of most health care plans? Did you also know that if you save on the cost of your prescriptions this allows you to use other parts of your plan without exceeding your annual allowable maximum?  This in turn ensures that your plan premiums (which are based on you not exceeding your plan maximums) is not affected and in turn the cost of your plan does not increase on the annual renewal.