Money To Burn

Oh, why didn’t I talk to you first?  That’s what I hear from people who have had a significant event happen,  and I don’t mean the nice kind.  You’ll learn from the widow who herself now needs help after nursing her ailing husband, the sales person who thought they had it all until a skiing accident, and a new business owner who is having difficulty keeping good employees.  In the next few articles, you will learn that if you talk to a licenced insurance broker they can help you develop your own safety net.

"What to look for when purchasing a Long Term Care Plan" an eBook

Recognizing that at some point in our lives we will need extra care.  If you are like many people, you have worked hard, saved all your life, and you want to have independent care when the time comes.  No one wants to outlive their RRSPs.  Currently in BC if you qualify at the lowest income you may be eligible for a government funded facility.  However, you must live in a facility and not all expenses may be covered even if you qualify based on income.   A nursing home is not a retirement home.  Currently, residential retirement homes cost between $4,500 t

Long Term Care Insurance More Valuable Than Ever

On October 8th 2009,  the Minister of Health announced new rates for residential chronic care, beginning in January, 2010. While they emphasized that some rates will go down,  those paying the higher rates will be paying close to 25% more. The new rate structure will ensure clients with the lowest incomes continue to pay the lowest rate in Canada for care.

Have You Got Your Safety Net In Place?

We live in the best place on earth and enjoy a wonderful lifestyle.  Don't you agree?  Craig thought so too.  He and his wife had a nice home, they were young and healthy, and, were the proud parents of a new baby boy.   It couldn’t get any better.  In fact, he and his wife had agreed that she would stay at home to raise their child as this was the most important thing that they could do for the family.  Craig would be the breadwinner, and with the start up of his new painting business everything was going to be smooth sailing.  Or was it?